Project 77 is a call to a deeper meaning and purpose. A scholarship program for deserving Filipinos, this project brings together people from different walks of life – regardless of age, social status, and proximity – who ask the questions,

“What can I do for the Filipino?
What can I do for the country?
What can I do for humanity?”

This village endeavor aims to gather 150 vision-partners who will offer 77PhP a month to send a child to The Meridian. With the understanding that each individual has a part in shaping the next generation, these vision-partners will plant seeds as their gift to the future.

Who can join the Meridian Movement as vision-partners?

People who want to “transform their life from the mundane to the transcendent” are welcome to join. The only qualification is a heart that wants to take part in giving underprivileged children the opportunity to be transformed by The Meridian education.

How can I take part in the Meridian Movement as a Vision-Partner?

Accomplish the Project 77 Pledge Form to signify your intent to be part of the endeavor and wait for an email confirmation from us.